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Four Paws Inn
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Dog & Cat Boarding

Plenty of personal attention is the trademark of quality dog and cat boarding at Four Paws Inn. Rest assured that your dog or cat will receive the same, superior level of care in our boarding facilities as in your home.

Boarding Kennels & VIP Suite
Only well-balanced Iams meals are served to your pets, including snacks, or we will see to it that your pet eats the food you bring in for them. Special diets and medications are administered by qualified staff members. There are no additional charges unless your pet is diabetic and requires insulin injections.

We provide 2 kennel options: indoor only kennels and indoor/outdoor kennels. No matter the kennel selected, all dogs are walked 5 times a day in our shaded yard at no additional charge. Group playtime is available for the more social dogs, with pools in the summer time. And the entire kennel is temperature controled for all seasons.

Our VIP room is for the extra pampered pets who love to make friends. The room features couches, dog beds, a TV, and their own yard. The room is for socialized and altered dogs only, and we encourage a trial run at no charge to ensure that your pet will be comfortable with his stay, prior to your first boarding experience with us.

Prior to their stay we require that you update your pet's vaccinations at least 2 weeks prior their stay. Vaccination records are required with proof of DHPPC (5-in-1), Bordetella, and Rabies vaccinations for dogs.

Cozy Cattery
Your cat will purr with satisfaction once he or she settles into the roomy accommodations of our cattery, completely separate from our doggy guests. We pride ourselves on the high level of cleanliness and companionship we offer your cat, as we check on your cats in regular intervals to ensure every one of their needs is being met.

We serve Iams and Fancy Feast brand food or we will see it to that your cat gets the diet you provide for them. Medications will be administered by qualified personnel.

Cats love getting out of their kennels and enjoying the bright and airy environment in our cattery. From stretching their legs and exploring the room to perching in a window to bathe in the sunshine, our feline guests are provided with ample amounts of stimulation and opportunities for exercise.

We require cats be vaccinated with Rabies, FVRCP and Feline Leukemia at least 2 weeks prior to their stay.

Small Dogs - $19.00 Indoor or $22.00 Indoor/Outdoor per day
Medium Dogs - $20.00 Indoor or $23.00 Indoor/Outdoor per day
Large Dogs - $21.00 Indoor or $24.00 Indoor/Outdoor per day
X-Large Dogs - $22.00 Indoor or $25.00 Indoor/Outdoor per day

Cats - $15.00 per day

VIP Price: Small dogs $25 • Medium dogs $30 • Large dogs $35

Additional Fees Include, but Are Not Limited to:
  Un-Neutered Males
  Un-Altered Females in Heat
  Insulin Injections
  Aggressive Animals
  And any extensive special needs

Check Out
Check out time is NOON. However if your pet is being groomed on their departure date there will be no charge for boarding. For pets checking out before noon there will be no charge for that day and a full days charge will apply for all pet checking out after noon.

Doggie Day Care
We offer full day and half day options from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, with limited hours on the weekend. You will be happy to know your pet is being safely cared for and excised while you are away for the day. All vaccinations must be current including the Bordetella vaccine.

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Rug, Dog Boarding, Cat Boarding in Banning, CA


  • Special diets and medications will be administered by qualified personnel.
  • We have both small and large indoor/outdoor runs available.
  • 24-hour video surveillance.
  • We walk your pets 5 times a day at no extra charge.
  • Daily individual playtime in our yards. Group playtime available.
  • V.I.P. Suite for the really pampered pets.
Suites, Dog Boarding, Cat Boarding in Banning, CA

Chew Toy, Dog Boarding, Cat Boarding in Banning, CA

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